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Recruitment Services

Apart from our core business of working with SMEs throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire providing excellent Permanent, Temporary and Contract employees, The Work Shop can also offer On-Site services and Master Vendor arrangements.

To clarify, if your recruitment requirements are so big or complicated, The Work Shop is able to provide full-time or part-time staff (our own experienced and well trained staff) to work from our clients premises (On-Site) in order to provide specific tailor made recruitment services. Acting as part of our clients HR/Recruitment team, our staff will supply hour by hour, day by day recruitment services with immediate response times and therefore deliver a truly personal service.

Master Vendor (MV) services are where we, The Work Shop, take responsibility for handling all of our client’s recruitment requirements by managing the performance of a number of other recruitment agency suppliers. A set of KPIs and procedures are agreed, along with a competitive fee structure, and The Work Shop monitors the performance of the other agencies against these.

Because all the chosen agencies are working to the same rules, and they are measured and monitored by The Work Shop, performance is maximised as is quality and quantity.
If you would like to discuss how these services might be of use to you, please contact your nearest Work Shop branch on the numbers below:

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