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Oriana is promoted to Assistant Branch Manager!

Oriana Caires has worked with the Work Shop since 2021, and has recently been promoted to Assistant Branch Manager of our office in Romsey. We thought we’d get to know Oriana a little more…

Congratulations on your promotion! You must be really happy. Have you celebrated yet?

Thank you! I’m definitely excited about the promotion. I haven’t celebrated yet, but I’m definitely planning to do so over the weekend!

We know that you joined The Work Shop after University and were inspired by a lecturer to get into recruitment. What did you study and were there any tips, skills and experience that you gained while studying that helped when you joined recruitment?

I studied International Relations with a Minor in Business Management in the Faculty of Economics. It was in my third year, while completing a Minor in Business Management that came across the concept of recruitment and soon realised it is a crucial aspect in any organisation.

My minor in Business Management provided me with essential business acumen, organisational skills and analytical abilities essential to succeed in recruitment. I also learnt how to effectively coordinate and execute tasks within tight deadlines, skills that translate seamlessly into the fast-paced world of recruitment where time management is crucial. My academic background also instilled in me strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Whether it’s crafting compelling job descriptions, conducting thorough interviews, or negotiating offers, effective communication is at the heart of recruitment, and my education provided me with the foundation to excel in this aspect.

Lastly, my experience in extracurricular activities, such as organising events and participating in debate clubs, helped me develop interpersonal skills and confidence in engaging with diverse individuals, which is essential in building relationships with clients and candidates alike.

We know you moved from abroad. Tell us a little about where you grew up, and why did you choose Southampton to live?

Yes that’s right. I was born and bred in Portugal, in a rural village called Nuns Valley in Madeira Island. It is a beautiful village surrounded my mountains and known by its traditions and local produce as agriculture is the main economic activity.

I moved out the island to go to University in the mainland and graduated in 2020 however struggled to find employment due to the pandemic. At the time, emigrating to England was the only option in the search for professional development and better career opportunities. After some research, Southampton’s combination of economic opportunities, cultural diversity, coastal beauty and proximity to the New Forest, made it an appealing choice.

While I enjoy living in Southampton and feel a profound sense of gratitude for the way I have been welcomed, I am also ever so proud of my origins and travel back every year to see my friends and family! Oh, and eat delicious food!

What have enjoyed the most about working at The Work Shop?

As clichéd as it may sound, what I enjoy the most is the opportunity to make a tangible impact in people’s lives. Every day, I have the privilege of connecting talented individuals with exciting career opportunities and helping companies find the perfect fit for their teams. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the positive outcomes of successful placements and to know that I’ve played a role in shaping someone’s career path or helping a business thrive.

Additionally, the supportive and collaborative environment at The Work Shop is incredible. I have been very fortunate to work alongside experienced recruiters and managers who support continuous learning and growth.

What (in your opinion) is the best kind of candidate?

That’s a very interesting question. For me, the best candidates are those with a positive attitude and willingness to learn regardless of their professional background, those who embrace change and strive for excellence. I truly believe they are an invaluable assets to any organisation.

A positive attitude promotes resilience in the face of challenges, enabling candidates to approach tasks with enthusiasm and motivation. On the other hand, willingness to learn demonstrates adaptability and a growth mindset, essential qualities in today’s fast-paced and dynamic workplaces.

Have you had any funny experiences with any clients or candidates?

As a recruiter, I’ve encountered my fair share of memorable and amusing experiences with both clients and candidates. One memorable instance occurred during a video interview with a candidate – as we delved into discussing the candidate’s experience and qualifications, their furry feline friend decided to make an unexpected appearance sitting right in front of the camera and completely stealing the spotlight! The subject changed completely and we found ourselves talking about our cats and how much joy they bring to our lives!

How will your promotion make a difference to your normal day-to-day? What are you most looking forward to?

My promotion certainly represents a significant step forward in my career journey. While I will continue to work as a recruitment consultant, I will have additional responsibility in overseeing the operations of the branch, supporting colleagues, and assisting my manager with the strategic planning, setting goals, and implementing initiatives to ensure the success of the Romsey branch.  I am very excited to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with this role and committed to making a positive impact in the business.

Oriana is promoted to Assistant Branch Manager