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11 Years of Dedication and Excellence: Anniversary Interview with Georgina, Operations Manager at The Work Shop

Join us on a journey of reflection and celebration as we sit down with Georgina, our Operations Manager, to mark her incredible 11 years of dedication at The Work Shop. From milestones to memories, Georgina shares some insights of her inspiring leadership journey. Cheers to a decade plus one!

1. What made you apply for this job in the first place?

Upon returning to the UK from Spain with my partner, I meticulously considered my career path. I sought a role that offered dynamic interactions with people, a diverse array of challenges, a target-driven environment, and a rapid pace that would facilitate continuous learning. Through my research, Recruitment kept popping up. Despite a brief stint in IT Recruitment, which didn’t resonate with me, I found my way to The Work Shop for temporary work. The moment I stepped into their environment, I resonated with their approach and the diverse pool of clients and candidates with whom I could build relationships. From day one, I was hooked, and I vividly recall the exhilaration of securing my first ever placement.

2. How has your job changed over the years?

This question really got me thinking as obviously there have been a lot of changes over the last 11 years. I’ve taken on more responsibilities over the years and the aftermath of Brexit, and the challenges posed by the Covid era reshaped the nature of recruitment. It certainly has become more consultative, demanding a deeper engagement with clients, and offering strategic guidance on recruitment practices while navigating the difficulties of working within a candidate-driven market characterised by swift placements within 24 hours.

We have really had to become an extension of peoples HR departments and are getting involved in a much broader range of activities such as job design and succession planning.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed coaching and developing new talents entering the field, as well as contributing to the formulation of training and development plans. Witnessing individuals discover their unique recruitment style within the role, all while upholding the core principles of The Work Shop’s ethos centered on genuine care for candidates, has been immensely rewarding.

However, the fundamental joy of matching the right candidate to the perfect job role remains unchanged and the excitement I feel when I find “the one” is still as strong for me as it was from the start. I am also immensely proud to be working with some of the same clients from the start of my career and feel I have been able to really be a part of these companies’ growth plans.

3. What has been your biggest work achievement?

I am particularly proud of the success of our HR Forums, a bi-monthly event to support the SMEs we work with across the South Coast. These forums serve as a valuable resource, offering advice and guidance on topical issues to companies that may lack a fully functioning HR department. With the support of a local HR consultant and an Employment Lawyer from Frettens in Ringwood, we’ve covered a diverse array of topics, including sessions led by experts in neurodiversity in the workplace and mental health first aid. The growth of our attendee list month by month is a testament to the forums’ impact, with clients now actively approaching us to address subjects they find valuable.

Additionally, my recent qualification as a licensed career coach marks another milestone and I am excited to really grow this service in the future. Having initially worked with some lovely clients on a pro bono basis to gain practical experience, I now look forward to further facilitating this transformative process. Seeing clients grow in confidence and find clarity in their decision making and future career aspirations is a source of immense fulfilment

4. What’s your favourite part of this job?

As cliché as it may sound, I genuinely feel so lucky to just absolutely love most parts of this role. From the excitement of finding a new client and learning the ins and outs of their business, understanding what types of roles they’re looking to fill as well as identifying the type of people who will fit well within their organisation. Followed by the absolute thrill of finding someone just right for client and playing a role in a process that has the potential to transform lives.

Lately, I’ve had the privilege of working with candidates I initially assisted right out of university and now, several years into their careers, witnessing their return to me. It fills me with immense joy to know that I’ve played a part in shaping their career trajectory, and now watching them fulfil their ambitions by moving into interesting senior roles. The icing on the cake is when those candidates then approach me as a client to help them recruit for their own team – a real full circle moment.

5. What is on your wish list for next year?

My wish list for the upcoming year revolves around continuity and growth. I think just more of the same. We always enjoy reflecting back on the year and feeling a sense of pride in maintaining long-standing relationships with clients whose businesses we understand inside and out, and welcoming new clients into the fold. Balancing this growth with the commitment to providing excellent service remains a key focus—ensuring that our clients choose to collaborate with us repeatedly. I am looking forward to continuing to see the team develop. Additionally, I look forward to more enjoyable social team events, such as the vineyard tour, we had in the summer and our memorable trip to Salisbury races. Recruitment can be a tough job, so we will continue to celebrate our successes at every turn.

Georgina 11 Years